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TOOL-TEMP is proud to introduce 2 new accessories for filtration purpose and against contact corrosion.

Magnetic Filter

Metallic particles which could be in the circulation medium returns back to the Temperature Control Unit which will lead to temperature regulation circuit dirty.

With Temperature Control Unit with magnetic-coupled pump, these particles can accumulate in the magnetic drive of the pump. As soon as the particle layer in the pump reaches a certain thickness, the pump drive will block. In most cases, the pump will get defective.

Metallic particles can also lead to dirty regulation circuits for Temperature Control Unit without magnetic-coupled pump. The use of a magnetic filter is especially recommended by the first operation of new moulds.

With Magnetic Filter installed, it protects the pump and keep the Temperature Control Unit clean.

Available: Connection Size (1/2” & 3/4”) for various models.


Magnesium Anode

A reactive anode is a piece of base metal which is used as a corrosion protection for aluminium moulds. It is actively used against contact corrosion.

Due to electrolytic reactions on aluminum tools, it is recommended to install a sacrificial Magnesium Anode in the water circuit. With a sacrificial Magnesium Anode, the water circuit gets added a more reactive metal than aluminium. Thanks to it, corrosion and erosion of the mould can be prevented.

– The sacrificial Magnesium Anode must be installed in the water circulation
– The Magnesium Anode must be connected to ground
– Teflon must not be used to seal. Use the delivered copper seals on the side of the unit

For a problem-free working process, it is recommended to exchange and renew the Magnesium Anode on regular intervals subject to degree of reactivity.

Available: Connection Size (1/2” & 3/4”) for various models.