Pressurised water unit with 2 temperature circuits for cyclic heating and cooling

Operational use: with water from 30°C up to 160°C

The unit enables to switch within seconds between two independent circuits.

TECHNICAL DATA: cold water circuit 1 hot water circuit 2
Temperature range

30°C up to 90°C

100°C up to 160°C
Temperature control 2 self-optimizing, electronic microprocessor controllers MP-888 with digital display of the set and actual value.
Automatic temperature monitoring.
Flow control electronically, with digital display and automatic control of the minimum flow.
Heating capacity 6 kW 12 kW
Cooling capacity approx. 200 kW at 90°C approx. 80 kW at 160°C
Pump capacity
Pressure mode
motor 1,8 kW
max. 6,5 bar / max. 75 l/min.
motor 1,8 kW
max. 6,5 bar / max. 75 l/min.
Pressure increasing pump yes yes
Temperature measurement at the mould no no
Pressure discharge and mould drain yes yes
Leakstopper no no
Filling automatic automatic
Cooling water

3/4” BSP female thread
1” BSP male thread
1/4” BSP female thread
Dimensions 1'300 × 480 × 1'400 mm, incl. castors
Weight approx. 245 kg empty
Colour silvergrey RAL 7001

The heat-up and cool-down times are depending on the mould weight.
The unit TT-30/160 is designed for a mould weight up to 500 kg.
The fastest cycle time can be achieved with small moulds.
Sufficiently large form channels are also important.
Faster times can be achieved if each mould half is equiped with a separate unit

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