TT-54’500 WK

Water Chiller
Water cooled water chiller with integrated heating capability for the water circuit
Mobile unit for individual machines or multi-machine applications

For water temperatures from +10°C up to +40°C,
at ambient temperatures up to +45°C

Suitable for high ambient air and tropical installations

Temperature control self-optimizing, electronic microprocessor controller MP-888 with digital display of the set and actual value.
Automatic temperature monitoring.
Flow control electronically, with digital display and automatic control of the minimum flow.
Cooling capacity

54 kW - see diagram
Temperature range
Circulating water
Air temperature

+10°C up to +40°C
+2°C up to +45°C
Content water tank approx. 250 litres
Refrigerating agent R-134a
Pump capacity
max. 6,2 bar / max. 250 l/min - see pump diagram
Compressor hermetically sealed
Condenser air cooled, air inlet located on the side, blow out located on the top
Air volume 8'000 m3/h (not relevant to WK)
Power consumption approx. 18 kW (heating mode approx. 18 kW, cooling mode approx. 14 kW)
To mould
From mould
Automatic water refill
Cooling water in/out

1 1/4" BSP female thread
1 1/2 " BSP female thread
3/8 " BSP female thread
1 " BSP female thread
1 " BSP female thread (only at WK)
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1'350 × 1'050 × 1'950 mm, incl. feets
Noise Level(in 3 m distance) 65 dBA
Weight 585 kg empty
Color silvergrey RAL 7001

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