Switchbox for temperature changes within seconds between two pressurised water units

Operational use:
with water from 10°C up to 160°C

Working Principle
The switchbox allows a change between two independent temperature control units within seconds. For
this purpose two water temperature control units are connected to the TT-SB2C and from there to the
consumer. An external control signal switches the two temperature circuits. The active circuit is indicated
by a green lamp on the box. Eventual switch failures are shown by a red lamp.

The two required temperatures can be set on the temperature control units. The switchbox connects the
inactive loop through. Thereby the temperature control units do not need a by-pass.

The switchbox is made to use with closed temperature systems (pressurised water units).

Temperature range up to 160°C with water
To / from mould
Temperature Control Unit 1; In / Out
Temperature Control Unit 2; In / Out

1/2" BSP female thread
1/2" BSP female thread
1/2" BSP female thread
Supply voltage 1 x 230 V / 50 Hz, 1 x 110 V / 60 Hz
External control 24VDC, 110VAC oder 230VAC (switching)
Dimensions (L×W×H) 620 × 260 × 420 mm, incl. castors
Weight approx. 12 kg empty
Colour silvergrey RAL 7001

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