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TT-118 K & TT-108 K are both similar in Heating Capacity / Pump Capacity / Flow Rate and with Electronic Flow Control capability.

Both models are powerful Temperature Control Unit with enormous cooling capacity for Rollers, Plates, Double Walled Vessels & Large Consumers applications.

– TT-118 K is an Indirect Cooling unit / TT-108 is a Direct Cooling unit
– Therefore, TT-108 has no Heat Exchanger
– TT-118 K has both limescale-free Tubular Heat Exchanger (50-90°C) & Plate Heat Exchanger.

Question: TT-108 K is a Direct Cooling unit which translates to faster cooling effect. Can it be purchased as an individual unit?
TT-108 K Cooling Water Outlet is lower than Cooling Water Inlet. When cooling is activated, the valve opens. When the water reaches the outlet level of the tank, it will just overflow out of the unit. It is possible to be sold as an individual unit with the following possibilities:

  1. User decides to let the Outlet Water of TT-108 flows out and not return
  2. User needs to consider an external tank to store the water (with a level sensor) which can also pump the water back to the Cooling Tower, where the Inlet Water comes from.
    Note: These possibilities are out of our boundaries to recommend because we will not understand the working habits of the entire system and it depends on how active the cooling capacity is required. Therefore, such an option is not preferred unless otherwise.
  3. Combination of TT- 108 K with Chiller (eg. TT-108K + TT-28’500)
    This combination is applied where deep temperatures are needed and No Cooling Water is available, commonly used in Double-Walled Vessels application.
    TT-28’500 Air-Cooled Water Chiller is to store the water that overflows from TT-108 K; cool down the water temperature and pump it back into TT-108 K.
    TT-108 K is mounted on a table next to TT-28’500 such that there is no pressure when the cooling water flows out from TT-108 K

Available: TT-118 K / TT-108 K / TT-108 E